Mary Belle Ginanni

Mary Belle Ginanni, Nominated by Alive Hospice

marybelleginanniMary Belle has been a hospice volunteer for almost 17 years. She visits patients in their home, nursing home or assisted living facility, assisting with small housekeeping tasks, or providing companionship and socialization for the patient while family members run errands. This respite care is much appreciated by caregivers who only want to entrust the care of their loved one to someone who brings joy and compassion to their home – Mary Belle does just that! With her pleasant personality and steadfast care, family members come to rely on her for respite care and their own emotional support. Alive Hospice appreciates Mary Belle’s never-ending willingness to serve the unique needs of each patient and family with her delightful care.  Mary Belle will receive a certificate from Volunteer Rutherford and a $25 Amazon Gift Card courtesy of Guaranty Trust Company.


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