Greenhouse Volunteer Spotlight: Barbara

-Submitted by Greenhouse Ministries-

greenhouseGreenhouse Ministries has stories about how our clients lives have been impacted when they walk through our doors. However, we have just as many stories about how our volunteers lives have changed as well. One of these volunteers, is our “linen lady,” Barbara (pictured on the right). Barbara started volunteering almost a year ago in our warehouse, sorting and organizing all of the linen donations we receive. This is a huge job and Barbara does it perfectly. We love Barbara for her linen sorting skills, but we have loved to see her come to life at Greenhouse even more so. Allow her to share her story, and when you’re finished reading, come write your own volunteer story!

“What am I going to do now? I have to do something because I cannot just sit here anymore. This is what I (Barbara) thought as my kids grew up, two of my best friends had passed away and the other two recently moved away. I eventually stumbled upon Greenhouse Ministries and began volunteering in the warehouse with the linens. I started to feel needed. I had never really gotten a “thank you” or a “good job” in my life before I came to Greenhouse. If I ever have anything bothering me at home, as soon as I back out of my driveway to come to Greenhouse, all the worry goes away. And when I get home, I’m in a better frame of mind to deal with whatever it is. Even more so, I never really thought church was something I should do. Until I came to Greenhouse and heard everyone talking about church. Another volunteer, Donna (pictured above on the left), told me I should give church a try, and so I did, and I love it. Greenhouse is now a part of my life and I am here forever until I can’t walk anymore or until they kick me out!”