Fran Veal

Fran Veal, Nominated by Portico
franvealFran is a wife, mother, owner of Fran Veal Bookkeeping, yet still makes time to volunteer at Portico. She has been a part of their organization for 18 years. Fran is so compassionate and has such a heart for serving, loving, encouraging and offering hope to their clients. She listens and walks through struggles and hard decisions with them. She truly desires to help out any way that she can. Any time one of their volunteers cannot make it to their shift, they can always depend on Fran to be eager to come in and help even in addition to her weekly committed time. Staff say that she is vital to what they do, and they appreciate her so much. Fran will receive a certificate from Volunteer Rutherford and a $25 Amazon Gift Card courtesy of Guaranty Trust Company.