Senior Citizens Awareness Program, Rutherford County Sheriffs Office

E.T. Guice
(615) 904-3139(615) 904-3139

The Senior Citizens Awareness Program serves our seniors as they have served us. They are a team of volunteers led by E.T. Guice who check each week and visit at least monthly the 80 plus senior citizens in the SCAN program.

Following a referral and then an assessment visit (at the referred person’s home) the candidate is offered the opportunity to join the program. Once they agree they are assigned to a volunteer who then follows or visit them weekly just to see how they are doing, their health, food, medical needs, general conditions and needs. Sometime they just need conversation, other times they may need food, someone to pick up medications, or minor home repairs. We strive to make their lives better by making it easier for them to live at home and know they care.

Ongoing Needs Include:

Assignment of SCAN program members for weekly phone visits or at least monthly visits.

As a representative of the Rutherford County Sheriffs Office, volunteers wear uniforms, travel in pairs, and use official Sheriffs vehicles.

Fundraising Events:

Three times a year they host parties for all SCAN members.

Off-site Service Opportunities:

Grant writing

Web site development and maintenance

Donations Needed:




Medical equipment

Just about anything you would need in your own home

To Volunteer:

E.T. Guice at 615-878-6986

SCAN program at or 615-904-3139