Doors of Hope


Their mission is to collaborate with members of Business, Community Agencies, Tennessee Corrections Facilities, Faith Community, and other Stakeholders to connect citizens as mentors who provide guidance, encouragement and help finding resources for ex-offenders to overcome challenges and re-enter society successfully.


They value hope. They believe every person needs hope and encouragement. Incarceration can strain or break down sometimes already fragile family support systems and leave offenders with no source of support or encouragement. They believe that hope and support can be provided by linking each ex-offender with a mentor who models positive values such as respect, integrity, and stability, and holds the ex-offender accountable to her goals and values.


They value people. They believe EVERY person is created in the image of God and therefore has incredible value and potential. Incarceration can strip a person of her sense of self-worth. A person with little sense of self-worth will rarely find the moral courage and strength to do the hard work necessary to create a life worth living.


They value the community in which they live. They believe themselves fortunate to live in such a thriving, yet caring place. They are fortunate that agencies and initiatives exist here to address many of the challenges ex-offenders face in the re-entry process. They believe recidivism rates can improve and our community be made stronger through a collaborative effort to link those who provide help to those who most desperately need that help. They strongly believe that a caring community of proactive citizens linked with and giving courage to ex-offenders facing overwhelming challenges, can and will make a dramatic, positive difference.



Opportunities to serve ON SITE:



Provide transportation- Barbara Thomas 615-631-5576

Provide encouragement

Volunteer office skills

Provide household and hygiene items

Give financial support

Sponsor a client

Sponsor a Life Skills class

Donate Books – Judy Oliff 615-653-1245

Opportunities to serve OFF SITE: N/A

Donation Needs:  Books, emergency hygiene kits, gas cards, emergency clothing

Event Volunteers: Celebration each May. Quarterly graduation ceremonies at the Rutherford County Correctional Work Center.

How to volunteer: There is a form on their website to complete.

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