Aaron Shultz

Aaron Shultz, Nominated by Murfreesboro Community Gardening Aaron has supported Murfreesboro Community Gardening since it was a germ of an idea in 2011. In addition to extra muscle for tilling, weeding and compost turning, he offers advice, teaches neighborhood kids and is very enthusiastic on a weekly basis. He’s also […]

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David Lee

David Lee, Nominated by International Folkfest David has been active with International Folkfest since helping to organize the annual festival in 1982. He has served in many roles, including as a member of Cripple Creek Cloggers, the local folk dance troupe whose travels to represent the U.S. in folkloric festivals […]

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Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis, Nominated by Smyrna Heart of Grace Jennifer has such a giving heart! She has helped Smyrna Heart of Grace countless times.  She has done everything from picking up donations to delivering food. She also helps with all of their events. Jennifer will receive a certificate from Volunteer Rutherford and […]

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Mary Belle Ginanni

Mary Belle Ginanni, Nominated by Alive Hospice Mary Belle has been a hospice volunteer for almost 17 years. She visits patients in their home, nursing home or assisted living facility, assisting with small housekeeping tasks, or providing companionship and socialization for the patient while family members run errands. This respite […]

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Ella Edge

Ella Edge, Nominated by the Murfreesboro Lions Club Ella is an 11 years old student at McFadden Elementary.  Her school had a Vendors Fair and she set up face painting at the end of her father’s booth and asked for donations for the Lions Club for their Eyeglass Fund. She did face […]

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Steve Warren

Steve Warren, Nominated by Rutherford County Habitat for Humanity Mr. and Mrs. Warren have been donating to RCHFH for a number of years. When retirement came, Steve felt called to become more involved. In 2016, he began volunteering on the home build sites. He quickly fell in love and decided to also […]

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Patt Smith

Patt Smith, Nominated by Murfreesboro Volunteers Patt has heart for our community. Patt has been helping to cook and serve our neighbors-in-need at The Journey Home Cafe for more than three years, she has volunteered several times with A Soldier’s Child Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Association and served at the dances at […]

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Sheryl Evans

Sheryl Evans, Nominated by International Folkfest Sheryl was a longtime member of the Rutherford County Square Dancers, now Cripple Creek Cloggers. She worked early-on to help organize the International Folkfest, now in its 35th year, and helped to get it established in our community (www.mboro-international-folkfest.org). She has served as a guide for […]

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Renee Rosson

Renee Rosson, Nominated by Rutherford County Cat Rescue Renee has a wonderful heart for our stray and feral community cats here in Rutherford County. Not only is she a founding member of Rutherford County Cat Rescue, she tirelessly spends her time off work helping the voiceless victims of neglect and […]

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Darryl Jenkins

Darryl Jenkins, Nominated by Greenhouse Ministries Darryl is one of the hardest workers Greenhouse Ministries has. He started volunteering in the fall of 2016 in their main office. Darryl does whatever is needed including organizing their client files (which is not an easy task), assisting in their mass monthly mail outs and is […]

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