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Beesley Animal Foundation seeks event volunteers

The Beesley Animal Foundation is helping with volunteers for the USDAA Dog Agility event at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro later this week. The dates for the dog agility show are Wednesday October 25-Sunday October 29, 2017.
Volunteers will get on the job training, a volunteer t-shirt, event pin (everyone) and a meal voucher if working four or more hours. Shifts will be approximately from 8-12 and 12-4. If you our your group are interested in volunteering, please email Katie Peachey at
Some of the volunteer opportunities available:
Gate Steward: The gate steward is tasked with maintaining a constant and orderly flow of exhibitors into and out of the ring.
Scribe :The scribe is the “right hand” of the judge. The scribe’s responsibility is to record on the scribe sheet all penalties signaled by the judge and to record the time measured by the timekeeper.
Assistant Scribe: Give the Scribe the correct scribe sheet for the next dog and write down the previous dog’s stopwatch time.
Timekeeper: The Timekeeper accurately records the time for each dog’s performance and controls the start of each performance.
Recommendation: The timekeeper should be proficient in the use of a stop watch. The timekeeper should not be changed during the course of a class.
Score Table: Adds up marks made by Scribe and write them on the master score sheet.
Take the scribe sheet from the Runner, compute how much (if at all) the dog exceeded course time using a calculator, add up the faults (they are all multiples of 5), and determine whether the run qualifies (for example, has five or fewer faults). At the end of each jump height, determine first, second, third, and fourth places.
Runner: Takes scribe sheet from Assistant Scribe to Score Table. Runners usually take sheets from the Assistant Scribe to the Score Table one at a time. Might require a bit of walking (probably not running)
Leash Runner: Takes leashes from start line to finish line. This is a very easy job often filled by children. However, you should be as invisible as possible to the handler at the start; don’t demand the leash or crowd the dog in anticipation of the removal of the leash.